That's it. The Australia trip is over.

Finishing with a short stay in Sydney and an interview that was one of the main reasons that brought the documentary to the other side of the world.

It's been an intense schedule over the last 12 days taking in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, Melbourne and Sydney mixing interview filming and band footage.

It started and finished with the two key interviews of the trip and in between it was great to film so many fans who shared some very interesting memories and experiences. On that note the positivity and enthusiasm for the documentary from everyone was very heartening to hear whilst working so far from home.

The interview that wrapped this journey was particularly pleasing to get as it means that all four members of the 'George Best' era band will feature in the film.

Classic location for the final interview

Australia has been very productive for the documentary and, whilst it has been a short stay, the cities visited have definitely left a good impression and a desire to return for longer next time.

Hopefully the documentary might even be back one day soon to screen at some Aussie festivals and allow the chance to spend more time on this oversized island.

See you back in Blighty...


Stop number two of three on this Australian trip was in Melbourne. Specifically just off Victoria Street in Carlton, which was a good base.
It started with a busy few days and ended with a weekend off and a chance to catch up on the footage gathered so far.

It was (just as in Brisbane) particularly handy for the gig venue that The Wedding Present played; Bella Union. Housed in a fine old building with a long history of worker's trade unions, the place was packed for a 'George Best' special show on night one and then a mixed set combining old and new material on night two.

Anyone Can Make a Mistake (on stage)

With the band playing two nights there was even a chance to watch as a fan on the second night, which was a nice bonus. Especially as it followed a particularly fine pre-gig meal thanks to some expert local knowledge within the band.

Lots more interviews were filmed in Melbourne and some further band footage too. Met a lot of good people during this time and thanks, as ever, to the fans who spoke on camera and shared their passion and memories.

Special thanks go to Jamie for his interview but also for his hospitality and the MCG experience that afforded a rare chance to relax at the end of the stay in Melbourne.

It's just not cricket

With this update coming a little late there will be a final sign off from Sydney, where the documentary caught up with a certain bassist, to follow pretty soon. Then it's back to the UK to continue filming...


It's been a hectic few days in Queensland with a lot of new material captured for the film. A key interview and another live performance have been ticked off and our thanks go to the fans who took the time to share their personal thoughts and stories about the 'George Best' album.

First up was a trip North to the Sunshine Coast for a very interesting interview giving a view from "the other side" of the album.

No complaints about the location for this interview set-up

Tuesday night saw the band play to a typically enthusiastic crowd at the Black Bear Lodge in Brisbane's Fortitude Valley. A 350 metre walk from temporary documentary HQ was well rewarded by another great show and some more footage and fan insights in the can.

David Gedge holding court at Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane

A healthy mix of songs old and new (+ a live "first") were well received

And so ends the first leg of the trip down under. Next it's off to Melbourne on Wednesday 12th to film a special 'George Best' show as well as some additional footage with the band and further fan interviews.

Here's hoping that the second leg is as successful as the first...