As part of the research into this documentary we are interested in speaking with (and potentially interviewing) people who attended one of the gigs from the original George Best promotional tour or those who hold this record particularly dear.

Original tour poster

Original tour poster

If you would be interested in participating, please contact us through this website (email: TheWeddingPresentDoc@kneejerkfim.com) with a short recollection of the gig and/ or what the album meant to you then... Has it stayed with you over the years? Is it still just as important to you today?

The focus is very much on the George Best album and the music itself and we would love to hear from people who have a special connection with the album, a particular fond memory of it or who still love it to this day.

We will be contacting people with further questions and/ or arranging full interviews if necessary. Apologies if you do not hear back but we are very grateful to anyone who takes part.

Check back here for continuing updates on the documentary as it progresses...


8th - Stirling University
9th - Edinburgh University
10th - Glasgow College of technology
12th - Manchester West Indian Centre
13th - Liverpool Polytechnic
14th - Southend, The Reids (CANCELLED)
15th - Portsmouth Basins
16th - London ULU
20th - Birmingham Burberries
21st - Nottingham Barracuda