A couple of new articles to share with you...

Starting with a bang we have the first-ever review of the documentary. This has been published on the "Disarm" website after their attendance at the cinematic premiere of the film in Toronto. I am very grateful for their kind words, a few of which are repeated below:

"Something Left Behind, directed by Andrew Jezard, is a... moving, intimate, memorabilia-rich, and thorough document of place / time / memory that speaks to the inner workings of Gedge’s diaries... the narrative is steeped in delightful Englishness."

"The John Peel archives, lovingly preserved and respected today, are as moving to see as the early band photographs... With the passage of time, all the founding band members seem at peace with their part in the legacy and place in history, truly happy to reflect on it and full of great stories that give colour to the whole proceedings. These are good folk. They were and are worth your applause."

Read the full DISARM article here

Secondly, there is an interview with myself (the director) featured in "Barmcake" magazine. This is a print-only publication, but the good news is that you can pick it up free if you are in the area. Copies are available at 40 pubs, shops & cinemas in West Yorkshire, Greater Manchester, Sheffield & Derbyshire. 

As for the film's wider release; I am currently spending a lot of time (and money) entering it in various film festivals, both in the UK and further afield.

I am working very hard to make this happen, but obviously there are a lot of bigger films with huge backing out there trying the same thing. Starting to hear a few positive noises back though so hopefully it is picked up by a good amount of them and allows as many people as possible to see it on the big screen...